Saturday, June 1, 2013

Simple Saturday: Herbs

One of the easiest ways to add some flavor and color to a dish, drink and even dessert is to add herbs.

And they are practically fool-proof to grow. Trust me, because I am definitely no master gardener.

I suggest picking up herb plants at the farmers market (they're extra good there), planting them with some dirt, watering them most days and giving them lots of sun.

As you can tell, I'm no expert but I can grow herbs just fine!
It's also so fun to watch over them and see how quickly they grow every day. Kind of like babysitting, but way easier.

Then, for days and months and years, you get to use your once-little (under $5) plant in all kinds of foods!

Here's how I like to use my favorites:
-Throw on top of your favorite pasta or pizza dishes right before eating for a burst of flavor.
-Add some flavor to a mixed drink. I love a little basil crushed in my G&T.
-Basil spices up soup and can even be torn fresh to top any salad.

-Make some of this amazing white bean dip with it.
-Rosemary goes great with meats and vegetables. Add it to marinades, soups, roasted veggies and chicken or pork.
-It also makes a fantastically sweet and unique cocktail like this one.
-Here's Food 52's 7 Best Ways to Cook with Rosemary.

-Throw it in your water bottle for a fresh minty taste that lasts all day.
-Top your favorite piece of cake or any dessert with fresh mint.
-Steep mint with hot water for homemade mint tea; or make a mojito!

Enrich your life and your foods by growing herbs. It's simple!

Read more about growing herbs and veggies from seed on Back to the Source (a blog by one of my former housemates during my study abroad in Oxford).

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  1. Neat! I wrote on herbs today, too! I love how easy they are for such a tasty payoff.