Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Mom's White Bean Hummus

I don't know if I mentioned it here on the blog, but my mom is one of my biggest culinary inspirations.

She has always been the absolute best cook I know.

She's always trying something new and she's not afraid to get the kitchen dirty while doing it.

Whenever my dad and mom first got married they lived with my grandmother (my dad's mom) for a little while before they got a house of their own. Since Penny (my grandmother) wasn't a cook, she and my mom worked out a deal. My mom would cook dinner and Penny would clean up. 

The story goes that many nights Penny would say that she didn't know whether to clean the kitchen or just burn it.

I definitely feel that way sometimes. But no matter what the kitchen looks like, my mom's cooking is absolutely worth any amount of cleaning.

She makes a mean blackberry cobbler and she can whip up the best meatloaf you've had in 5 minutes flat (pre-baking of course).

A few weeks ago she let me be the taster for a white bean hummus with rosemary and boy was I in luck.

It turned out to be such an easy dip to make in 5 minutes and so creamy and savory.

This is a great recipe if you don't have tahini but still want to make hummus.

*Click on the recipe card to enlarge the view and save.

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