Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Chicken Nuggets in Style

I hated my college cafeteria.

The food was seriously gaumy and bad. The carpet always smelled weird and it was always really loud and packed with people.

I prefer to dine in a more quiet place with a few people so that I can have conversations with those around me.

It was nearly impossible to do this in the caf.

Thank goodness for the salad bar and cereal or I would have wasted away at college.

Anyway, there was one meal that I got excited about in the caf: chicken nuggets and mac and cheese!

I mean, who doesn't love chicken nugs. They're a juicy, crunchy protein that you get to dip in various sauces. And they go great with the creamy cheesy-ness of mac and cheese.

It has been sad to not have chicken nuggets in my life anymore because I'm too skeptical about where and what part of the chicken the meat usually comes from. No pink slime for me, please.

And then my sister Abby told me about these amazing baked chicken nuggets that are coated with panko, parmesan deliciousness. They are crispy, moist and there's no questionable chicken product in sight.

I paired our chicken nugget dinner with some homemade mac and cheese much like this recipe. So good!

At our house we just started using the hot chili sauce called sriracha and it is amazing with chicken nuggets. But be warned, it packs a spicy punch so one drop will do you per nugget.

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