Saturday, November 9, 2013

Simple Saturday: Easy Pie Crust

About a year ago, I made a few sub-par homemade pie crusts and I just stopped making pies and quiches until a few weeks ago.

I knew I could buy a pre-made crust from the store, but I just felt like I was letting myself down.

My mom is like the pie queen and could make a crust in her sleep and I really thought I would inherit some of that magic.

But I have to remember that I'm not so good at kneading, well, anything, and rolling things out in a circle is not my forte. I prefer using a rolling pin to make shapes that resemble amorphous blobs.

And then I saw this Easy Homemade Pie Crust recipe from Chez Us.

I mustered the confidence to give it a try and could not believe how easy it was and how tasty and perfect the crust turned out. It's incredibly simple to roll out (even in a close-to-circle form) and when baked it hugs your filling and gives a nice crunch to it.

And I learned that when making a crust, your food processor is your best friend. But when you're getting the dough out of the processor, don't just jab your hand in there like I did and cut your finger.

So, if you were like me and got discouraged about sad homemade pie crusts, you can use this recipe to get your pie mojo back, which will make you a baking star for the upcoming holidays!

P.S. I included a recipe card on this one just so you can become really confident in making this crust and getting the steps right!

*Click on recipe card to enlarge and save.

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