Monday, November 18, 2013

Pie Time

Even though I just got back from a glorious seven days of relaxing in the tropics of Mexico (posts to come soon), I'm so ready to get into the Thanksgiving season!

I've been practicing my pies with my new-found Easy Pie Crust recipe.

Fruits, gourds, squashes...I relish in the fact that mostly everything inside a perfect crust tastes great.

This year I've been seeing lots of cute, bright and plump pumpkins at the farmers market so I got a great idea to try out a legit, from scratch pumpkin pie.

I combined a few recipes and came up with a great one that really highlights the fresh, light flavor of this gourd. (P.S. That little blob in the middle of the pie is supposed to resemble a pumpkin...I'm still working on my crust art.)

Although it's really not too hard to make, it does require a few extra steps and some extra time as opposed to opening a canned of pumpkin puree. But the thrill of making something from start to finish is pretty great.

When buying your pumpkin(s), I suggest asking your pumpkin seller for the best one for a pie. I have found that sugar or cheese pumpkins are the best, even better than the classic "pie pumpkin".

All you have to do to make the pumpkin puree is roast chunks of the pumpkin in the oven for a bit then cut them from the skin and puree. Then, drain a few times to thicken.

Next, you're going to make the pie even more natural and a little less calorie-laden by adding almond milk, brown sugar, maple syrup (which makes the flavor delicious), eggs and a variety of spices perfect for a homemade Thanksgiving.

I've really loved this recipe for pies with other gourds (butternut squash, etc.), so it's not just for pumpkin!

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