Saturday, November 2, 2013

Simple Saturday: Mexican Leftovers

I bet you have your favorite Mexican restaurant.

And when you go there, you have your favorite item with your favorite flavors and you pair it with chips and zesty salsa and maybe some glue-like but delicious cheese dip.

If you don't have your favorite place, you are in need of one!

Growing up in the South, Mexican food is all around you. And it's totally my favorite cheap comfort food to eat out.

Our favorite place in Fayetteville is Celi's and they're real about making quality, fresh tex mex. I'm not just talking refried beans and salsa with no spice. They know their stuff!

And one of my favorite parts of eating at Celi's is saving some of my meal for leftovers. I usually get two chicken tostadas or two veggie enchiladas and I cannot even express how exciting eating the leftovers is the next day.

And they're even better when you combine them (tortilla, beans, meat, cheese, green sauce and all) in a skillet with some sauteed veggies or even last night's roasted potatoes, mash it all together and top with fresh tomatoes or salsa.

It's absolutely as simple as that. Take your Mexican leftovers and mash them together with some fresh veg and you have a powered up lunch or dinner that's even a boost in flavor from the original.

Special thanks to my coworker who gave me the idea for this Mexican Leftover Mash!


  1. That looks delish! Will have to remember this in the future. Mexican is my absolute favorite, and I always wind up bringing home a ton of leftovers.

    1. Yum, me too! Hope you can try it out sometime!

  2. Yes! I love Celi's - it's real Mexican food using recipes from central Mexico. They serve Tex-Mex but don't forget to try some of their more authentic dishes! YUM!