Thursday, October 31, 2013

Your Favorite Chili

Today we're talking chili, and I'm taking it pretty seriously.

Most people I know have a very specific chili preference. Sure we may like to walk down a chili buffet line at a cook off and get a taste dozens of varieties.

But I'm pretty sure that all of us deep down have a favorite chili and that chili probably has something to do with what type of chili we grew up eating.

Whether it's all meat or no meat, pinto beans or kidney beans, soupy or thick, there's the perfect combination of tomatoes, beans, spices and onions that are reminiscent of cozy fall family dinners around the table. And getting the chance to eat corn chips with your meal.

And if you don't have these good chili memories, you should find your favorite type and start making some!

My favorite chili, my mom's chili, has lots of spices, some meat and an equal amount of beans and is nicely thickened. I never understood all-meat chili or chili that didn't have a bit of a kick. But that's just how I like it.

My husband grew up eating chili made by his dad that cooked all day and had lots of meat and less spice with a comforting, tomato flavor.

This Three-bean Chili is what I would like to think of as a mix of my husband and my favorite chili. It's more thick than soupy, full of a variety of bean textures, has a nice bouquet of smokey spices and goes great with sour cream, cheese and corn chips (but honestly, what chili doesn't)?!

This one is also fabulous as leftovers, on a potato or taken as a work lunch.

Take a night this fall or winter to discover what your favorite chili is like and see what you think about this Three-bean Chili.

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