Thursday, October 17, 2013

Tailgating Treat

Tailgating is not really in my vocabulary.

In the midst of living in the most football-crazed part of a state that worships the pigskin and the hog (aka Razorback), I live basically oblivious to football.

You see, I live in the same city as the University of Arkansas and while most people plan their yearly calendars by the football schedule, I don't even know there's a game until I'm stuck in horrible traffic while trying to grocery shop on Saturday afternoon.

I really don't speak football...but when it has to do with food, I'm suddenly interested.

And when at work we had a tailgating potluck and party with prizes, I was absolutely on board.

And when I found this recipe, I knew it was fate!

These BBQ Pulled Pork Party Bites are one of the most absolutely delicious, cute and complex finger foods that I've ever had.

Like, seriously, I would go to a football game if these Frito bites were there.

And it's really so simple. All you do is slow cook some pork, combine it with your favorite bbq sauce(s) (I used Mcclard's mixed with a sweeter sauce) and then spoon that tastiness into a Fritos Scoop and top with a cilantro garnish.

You will be a tailgating legend, trust me!

P.S. These guys won me the "Best Game Day Food Presentation" award at my work potluck.

*Click on the recipe card to enlarge and save.

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