Monday, October 7, 2013

Spicy Mac & Cheese

My husband really loves Sriracha, you know, the spicy red sauce in the plastic bottle wit a green top with a rooster pictured on the front.

Every stir fry or rice dish that we make gets smothered in it for Jason.

And I take a few drops for the garlic, chili ka-pow that it adds.

It's pretty great stuff and when I saw it as the main star in Shutterbean's Sriracha Mac & Cheese, I knew that Jason would be smitten!

Although the star of the dish is the complex spice of the red stuff, the supporting actors are creamy Havarti cheese, a really easy (butter and flour) roux and bright, fresh ginger.

You'll not only love the fun flavors but that this is a one-dish dinner that might even have some leftovers.

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