Monday, October 28, 2013

Random Acts of Foodness

Here's this week's dose of good news about food.

  • We're in the last few days of Fair Trade Month. Here are 5 sweet ways to support and keep up with fashion fair trade companies by reading Grace's Fair Trade Friday updates on her blog.
  • Speaking of fair trade, we just discovered Wild Ophelia chocolates this week. I like their business ethics just as much as I like their Peanut Butter and Banana milk chocolate bar.
  • This doesn't necessarily have to do with food, but I got to hear the founder of LOVE146 speak at my church yesterday and they have an incredible mission to end child trafficking. Maybe you would like to get involved
  • In need of a last-minute pumpkin for Halloween this week? Modern Farmer offers 7 tips for finding the best one!
  • If you're a Northwest Arkansas-er, you have got to get a hold of a copy of the brand new edible Ozarkansas magazine. It's full of beautiful pages of local food news, recipes and features. Get a peek inside the mag from Lyndi.
  • Here are some Halloween-inspired dishes to start your festive week out.
Are you planning on making any special treats for Halloween? I think I'm going to whip up some of this Hot Cocoa Popcorn.


  1. Thanks or the link and shout-out, Grace! I am enjoying the edible Ozarkansas magazine and wished it came out every month...or week!

    Keep up the great posts! My, you are cranking the goodness out!

    Lyndi :: nwafoodie

    1. Yes! I really enjoyed reading through the mag! Thanks again for reading!