Monday, October 21, 2013

Sugar and Spice and Eye Sight

My grandmother always told me to eat my carrots so I would have good eye sight.

And I gulped down my mom's tender, savory carrots in our Sunday roast and hoped that I wouldn't be like everyone else in my family and have to get glasses.

And then in seventh grade, I took the vision test that we all had to take and completely failed. I remember telling the eye test giver that I couldn't see anything!

I was distraught that I would have to get glasses...even in the midst of having eaten my carrots all my life.

Long story, short, sometimes genes are much stronger than the power of vegetables. But I still believe that carrots and other colorful foods are really good for me and maybe they're helping my peepers be better than they could be.

These Carrot Cupcakes (from Real Simple Magazine) might not cure you of contacts but they are a fresh, fall-spice delight and are sweetened up with a fabulous buttery, cream cheese frosting.

I really enjoyed the use of toasted pecans for extra nuttiness and I used some fresh farmers market carrots for a health boost.

Can I just say that fresh carrots are so much better than the store bought? Seriously, try it out and tell me what you think.

These little cupcakes are perfect for a fall afternoon and go great with a cup of hot tea or cider and watching the leaves change.

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