Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Grown Up, Goat Cheese Dessert

I absolutely love looking at other food blogs.

It's so fun to see the different way that food bloggers cook and photograph various ingredients. And I love using recipes from other blogs.

I have been reading David Lebovitz's blog for about 6 months. He's an American living in Paris and he shares wonderful insights about this wonderful city and the food scene there.

When I saw this recipe for Goat Cheese Custards with Red Wine Syrup, I knew that it needed to be the dessert for Jason's birthday dinner and that it would be a keeper recipe! And it soooo was!

It was one of the easiest desserts I've ever made and had a great creamy, tart taste from the goat cheese. Oh, and the red wine sauce was fabulous.

I never knew that making a red wine reduction was so easy and made the grapes and berry flavors come out like sweet fireworks in your mouth.

We even used this red wine reduction recipe to make a grown up ice cream sundae. We paired it with Arkansas plums and peaches and put it on top of vanilla ice cream. Yum!

Honestly, who needs hot fudge when you've got a thick, complex wine sauce to melt your ice cream.

You might also notice that I've started doing something new on the blog in providing recipe cards for you to view, save onto your computer and print whenever you need them.

You can use these to make your own digital recipe book or if you still like paper cards like me, print them out and add them to your own collection.

I hope they make your cooking and food blogging even easier!

Click on the recipe card to enlarge the view.


  1. This looks amazing, Grace! I'll have to try this. David Lebovitz has some good stuff. Have you tried his machine-less ice cream?

    1. Thanks! We really did love this dessert. I hope you like it, too. I'll have to check out that ice cream recipe. Thanks for the tip.