Thursday, June 13, 2013

How to Make So-So Wine Shine

My husband recently did some freelance work and got paid in wine.

Pretty good deal, right?

And it's been nice to always have a bottle of red or white around to celebrate with or enjoy with a special meal.

But there was a lot of wine...and some of the wine was not my favorite drinking wine.

What's that saying? When life gives you not-so-great wine, make sangria.

Ok, so maybe no one says that, but in this case it totally applies.

Say you got a bottle of wine for a gift and it's not the grape variety you prefer or you have wine bottles collecting dust, then you are the perfect candidate to make this Easy Fruity Sangria. (Especially if you are too cheap to buy fancy liqueurs, this is the sangria for you!)

It's as simple as letting wine, a little gin and sugar and lots of citrus fruits hang out and marinate overnight then adding in berries, ginger ale and ice right before serving.

It's fruity and sweet with bold flavors that are quite refreshing.

What's your favorite type of sangria?

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