Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Getting Creative with Carrots

Re-introducing vegetables in a fun and exciting way is a great ploy to get your family to the table...and use up your vegetables.

Even the humble carrot can be made into a creamy, spicy, sweet and unexpected soup.

We love our local CSA, Farmbox Delivers, and most weeks we get 1-2 lbs. of fresh, crispy carrots.

I like to enjoy these carrots chopped and dipped in hummus or cut in rounds and put in stir fry. But sometimes we get a bit overwhelmed with the number of carrots in our fridge at one time.

Is 20 too many? Ok, yeah, it is.

So, I had to come up with a way to make these carrots new, give them a flavor face lift and get them out of my fridge and into my tum. And I knew that soup was just the thing to give them a new taste and texture.

This soup is very simple and only takes roasting vegetables (carrots, potatoes and onion) with curry powder, oil, salt and pepper, then combining those veggies with your homemade (or store bought) vegetable stock.

If you want to make it even better, add a little bit of cream to finish it off.

You can whip up this soup on a weeknight and eat through it for days. You'll love the spicy burst of flavor that you get from the curry powder and carrot combo.

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