Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Bland Chicken Be Gone

Hello all!

Jason and I are finally moved into our new apartment and really enjoying getting into the swing of things.

Ok, so I still have one box to unpack, but I'm close enough for now.

We have been cooking dinner pretty much every night, which keeps dinnertime fun, a team effort and cheap. I'm proud to say that most of our dinners come in at under $5 a person! But I will probably enjoy going out to eat again soon.

Although it's nice to cook, it's always nice to be cooked for. When I wasn't feeling well this weekend, Jason cooked two homemade meals for me (including making his own pasta sauce from scratch). I'm very blessed.

Anyway, we've had some chicken lying around in the freezer for awhile and the other night I revived a recipe that I haven't made in awhile but is fantastic!

If you have problems finding tasty and fast ways to cook chicken, this one is for YOU!

You take a boneless, skinless piece of chicken, dredge it in flour, dip it in egg wash, coat it in seasoned parmesan rosemary panko crumbs and pan fry it.

It's a 10-minute dinner and so easy to do.

We paired ours with Basmati rice, steamed sugar snap peas and a creamy rosemary pan gravy (that I whipped up by adding chicken stock, flour, rosemary and half and half to the chicken pan drippings and whisking vigorously).

Here's how to make it:

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