Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Real Housewife of Fayetteville

I've officially been married for over a week now...and it has been wonderful!

I'm already doing that lame wife thing where I can't hardly wait until my husband calls at 5 p.m. and tells me he's headed home from work. I know, lame! Although being an apartment wife (for now) was not my original plan, I'm enjoying the time to get organized and plan and cook delicious meals for my husband and me. 

Gotta get rolling on those 20 pounds newlyweds put on in the first year, right?! 

Well, the wedding was perfect and the honeymoon was fantastic...so fantastic that I plan to have a series of posts about our food finds in San Fran and Napa coming soon!

For now, while I'm moving all of my things into our new apartment and figuring out how to successfully change my identity (new last name), cooking has been that old friend that I always come back to for fun and de-stressing.

Last night, Jason and I had our first home-cooked meal (well, mostly) of tilapia, roasted potatoes and avocado and mixed green salad. Then, I decided we should end the night with a sweet treat.

I had purchased a huge bunch of bananas at Sam's that were on sale and got the idea for doing a Bananas Foster.

I have decided that I will call my version Bananas Flack (for the new last name)! It's a deliciously nutty, sweet sauce and tender bananas that literally go bananas with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top of them. 

I added walnuts as well as coconut rum from Belize (thanks to sis and bro-in-law) to spice my recipe up.

Overall, it is one of my new favorite easy, cheap desserts!

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