Friday, April 6, 2012

Waffles and Turkish Treats

So the wedding countdown is at 8 days!!! I usually hate using multiple exclamation points, but I figure getting married is the one time I can take advantage of something that usually makes my copy editor instinct cringe!!!

Anyway, in the past week I have helped move my fiancee into our new apartment, traveled to Oklahoma City to visit my sister and brother-in-law and to retrieve our hand-me-down bed (which we are so thankful for) and packed up most of my apartment. Throw in some wedding planning craziness and you get the idea that it's been busy around here...but definitely the good type of busy.

So, I haven't been cooking very much, although Jason and I have been breaking in some of our new cookware wedding gifts: props to some Le Creuset grill pan bbq chicken...even though it almost smoked us out of the new apartment. The fans work here, so that's good!

I have had some delicious and adventurous new eats, though.

While in OKC, we hit up the Waffle Champion food truck for a fantastic Sunday lunch.

This food truck offers some amazing flavors all sandwiched around a crispy but soft Belgian waffle. What a great idea! Although we had to wait a bit for our lunch to arrive, it was absolutely worth getting a little sun burnt for the fresh flavors that the waffles sammies delivered.

I tried a savory waffle sandwich that included ham, gruyere, cream cheese, dijon, tomatoes and a fried egg on top! It was so decadent and delicious. The ham was thick and salty, the cheese gooey and the fried egg was perfectly cooked. And of course the waffle was crisp and delicious.

Jason got a sweet sandwich (and we swapped ours after every few bites) with Corn Pops cereal, nutella and whipped cream. It was also wonderfully sweet with a great mix of crunchy and smooth textures!

My sister and bro-in-law shared a sweet (oreo and whipped cream) and salty (short ribs, goat cheese and tomatoes) waffle, and they also gave them both a thumbs up. If you're in the OKC area, I would definitely recommend hitting up the Waffle Champion food truck.

Back at home, we got to celebrate my future father-in-law's homecoming from a trip to Turkey. It was a blast to hear the stories and see the photos from his journeys and try some yummy cookies, wafers and Turkish delight (which turned out to be kind of just like gummy sugar). But all of the cookies with nutella in them were, of course, delicious.

Eating foods and combinations that you have never tried before is inspiring. Go make a food adventure and culinary memory of your own!

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