Friday, May 18, 2012

Eating Through San Francisco

So Jason and I went to California on our honeymoon...and ate A LOT!
Here are some of the more delicious things we discovered in San Francisco. Get ready for lots of pics and for your mouth to water.

By the way, this was our view of Union Square form our hotel room. Love this city!

And here's the view at night.

It was so fun hearing the cable cars ding all throughout the day and being in the midst of the hustle and bustle.

We went to lunch at a wonderful place, Spruce. This restaurant had a decently priced but decadent lunch menu. Also, they brought us fresh brioche buns to enjoy with a special cinnamon, maple butter that was OUT OF THIS WORLD!

Here's Jason at Spruce with a cocktail.

My wonderful husband had the most amazing, juicy and tender short ribs with faro and I oo-ed and aah-ed over my duck confit with huckleberries, hazlenuts, parsnips and cipollini onions. The duck had a wonderful crisp skin and paired perfectly with the tangy, sweet berries and roasted hazlenuts. I never knew that I loved hazlenuts so much until this dish!

For dessert (photo on the right), we dove into coconut rice pudding with a Thai basil sauce, passion fruit sorbet, pineapple batons and black sesame seeds. It was so creative and the coconut, passion fruit and Thai sauce packed a sweet punch.

We also hit up Fisherman's Wharf on a windy, chilly day. 

We saw the seals on Pier 39, walked over to Ghiradelli Square. Oh, and we stopped at Boudin, the famous sourdough bakery on the way.

We discovered an amazing cupcake shop, Kara's Cupcakes, at Ghiradelli Square. We split the Fleur de Sel cupcake that was a rich chocolate cupcake topped with chocolate buttercream and a sprinkle of sea salt.
Jason also loved the clean, interesting design of their shops.

For dinner on the wharf, we made a touristy stop at the Crab House. Jason dug into some succulent, garlic and herb steamed crab. I went with the creamy crab chowder that was filled with lots of veggies...and heavy cream!

And of course, I made sure we stopped by my favorite grocery store in the world: Trader Joe's. Love this place! 

For a very special dinner the next night, we hopped back over to Fisherman's Wharf to dine at Restaurant Gary Danko, a 5-star restaurant where the service and food makes you feel pampered celebrity!

The flowers, lighting and seating was very romantic and we enjoyed the fancy and fun atmosphere. Their menu was packed with amazing options and you could make your own courses with any of them.

We enjoyed two amuse bouche tasters before dinner even started: a cauliflower, asparagus soup and a blini with smoked salmon and caviar. Delish! They also had the largest wine selection (an entire binder) I have ever seen and the waiters were so helpful to pick out the perfect wine pairing for our food. Jason's 4-course and my 3-course dinners were adventurous, delicious and beautifully presented. Unfortunately I don't have photos of most of it because I felt nerdy and lame taking photos in such a nice place.

But, here's my favorite course: dessert. It's a rhubarb tart with raspberries and pistachio ice cream. Yum!

And they knew it was our honeymoon and surprised us with a fantastic lemon semifreddo with a candle and a dessert platter with about 8 bites of the most delicious mini desserts! I just remember wishing that I had more room in my stomach to put all of the sweet treats in.

And those were our San Fran eats...our favorite tastes in Napa Valley will be up soon!

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