Monday, July 15, 2013

Random Acts of Foodness

Happy Monday!

Here's another round of Random Acts of Foodness (aka good news about food) to start your week out on a positive, tasty note.

1. Potato Pickin'
Yesterday, Tri Cycle Farms here in Fayetteville had a "Potato Harvest" event from 7-10 am. Get updated on similar events in the future by liking their Facebook page. I definitely want to help out with something like this soon!

2. Gardening for Dummies
Here's a really cool Kickstarter project that needs some support from non-green thumbs like me.

3. AgFunder!
Speaking of Kickstarter, there's going to be a place soon where solely agriculture-based projects can get a boost.

4. Chicken-less eggs? They're real and may help our growing planet.

5. Aaaand food that looks like animals. How cute is this?!

Go spread the good news and have a great week!

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