Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Stuff of Potato Dreams

My mom always said that I never met a potato I didn't like.

And it's the truth!

Potato latkes, fries, mashed potatoes, even sweet potato blondies.

Potatoes are comforting, full of texture and can be prepared in so many ways (about all of which that I love).

Recently, I got these beautiful little fingerlings from the farmers market and was determined to roast them into an amazing side dish.

This recipe is perfect for these potatoes because it combines earthy rosemary and flavorful garlic with crispy on the outside, tender and buttery on the inside fingerlings.

The absolute best thing about this recipe is that if you toss the potatoes in the olive oil directly on your roasting pan, when you add in the crushed garlic it fries in the olive oil and becomes crisp and amazing.

Fried garlic, rosemary and potatoes! Yes, your and my potato dreams have come true.

Oh, and I went ahead and added some crumbles of goat cheese to the finished product. Why not?

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