Friday, May 24, 2013

No Impact Man

So I know this is a food blog, but we all like other things than food right?! (I mean like 95% food and 5% other.)

So, here's a little bit of that other that also has a little bit to do with food.

I just got done reading No Impact Man by Colin Beaven.

As the title explains, this book is about "the adventures of a guilty liberal who attempts to save the planet and the discoveries he makes about himself and our way of life in the process."

This book is a fantastic look at a man (and his wife and child) who decide to stop wishing we weren't so wasteful in America and do something about it by living without an environmental impact for one year.

Among other things this involved, only eating local food, not using any takeout containers (or plastic bags) and not making any trash.

It's pretty incredible/overwhelming to think about, but the inspiring thing to me was that through the year, the author realized the importance of relationships, community and not giving in to all of our materials wants. He also learned how to make more time for his family and cut out the attitude of busyness in his life.

I highly recommend reading this and I hear the "No Impact Man" documentary is a must-see, too.

Here are some of my favorite thoughts from the book:
"So whether it's human nature or industrial systems that need to change, when it comes to saving the world, the real question is not whether I can make a difference. The real questions is whether I am willing to try."

"What if we kill the planet filling our desires and then discover that that's not what we were here for?"

"I sometimes wonder if our lack of social connection and community is at the root of our environmental problems. I wonder, at least in my case, if that lack has meant that I don't feel responsible or accountable to anything beyond myself."

"If it's love we're after, how about we cut out the middleman-the stuff-and just hang out?"

"Bread-making, this quiet, noncerebral activity, provided much-needed space in my life. It's a break. It's one of those things that takes the rhythm of your day and slows it right down to what it's supposed to be."

Food for thought.

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