Monday, May 13, 2013

Local Eats

Although I love to cook at home, I live for getting to eat out at one of my local favorites on the weekend.

I like to think of it as a way of getting culinary inspiration and supporting the locals.

Here is a list of my top 10 restaurants in the Northwest Arkansas area (in random order). By no means is every restaurant that I like on this list (because that would be crazy long), but these are the ones that I keep going back to.

And I know that there are probably other great places in the area, so you'll have to comment with your favorites so I can try those, too!

Enjoy eating local!

Hammontree's- How could a grilled cheese restaurant not be amazing, right?! And it is!
Faves- Brie's Company and Sweet Potato Fries

Greenhouse Grille- Fantastic organic and locally-sourced, seasonal food
Faves- Huevos Rancheros at brunch and the Goat Cheese Burger

Bordino's- Wonderful Italian-themed restaurant for special occasion meals that are rich and delicious (extra points for being where I got engaged)
Faves- Risotto, Chevre Gnocchi and Creme Brulee

Kosmos- Best Greek in the area and a great take-out meal
Faves- Half Greek Salad (under $4 and comes with pita bread) and the Falafel

Celi's- Mexican comfort food that makes you feel right at home
Faves- Chicken Tostadas, Vegetable Enchiladas and Margaritas

Damgoode Pies- Great pizza with many creative topping options and a perfectly puffed crust
Faves- Anything on a crust will be tasty

Rogers/Bentonville/Siloam Springs
28 Springs- A laid back restaurant with a menu of classics gone seasonally creative
Faves- Pork Tenderloin, fantastic wine choices, Bourbon Pecan Pie and pre fixe menus for holidays and special occasions

Crepes Paulette- One of my favorite food trucks in the area that offers a taste of delicious France
Faves- Le KUAF

Pressroom- So much more than a coffee shop with a different homemade soup daily and an array of fantastic sandwiches, salads and small plates at night
Faves- Hummus Sandwich, Breakfast Granola, Avocado Chevre Crostini

Heirloom Food and Gifts- A lunch spot that highlights seasonal ingredients for their menu that changes daily
Faves- Creative Indian food and fresh chocolate chip cookies sprinkled with sea salt


  1. Celi's is my FAVORITE Mexican eatery!

    1. That's great to hear! Seriously, it's so good!

  2. Just found your blog through Arkansas Women Bloggers. Hello fellow foodie! Love your choices for local eats.
    Amy James
    Our Everyday Dinners

    1. Thank you! I love keeping up with your blog and recipes, too!