Saturday, April 27, 2013

Simple Saturday: Steak

Confession: I don't like steak.

I would gladly choose most dishes over steak, including mashed potatoes.

I grew up in a more potatoes home than a steak and potatoes home. I only remember having steak on salads or minute steak paired with mashed potatoes and I liked the greens or potatoes more than the meat I think.

My husband, on the other hand, loves the treat of a well-cooked, large piece of steak.

I'll never understand it, but I was excited that Jason just unlocked the mystery of how to cook a perfect steak without a grill.

And here's how you do it: How to Cook Perfect Steak in the Oven.

Just click on the link above and get the steb-by-step instructions from the wonderful Kitchn website. I use the Kitchn a lot for recipe and cooking help.

Jason was thrilled about how perfectly his steak was cooked and declared that this was the best steak he had ever cooked!

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