Wednesday, April 17, 2013

$4 Meal

So, recently I found out about Food Bloggers Against Hunger.

It's a movement that started a few weeks ago to gain and spread awareness of the hunger prevalent in our country and it was inspired by the new documentary, A Place at the Table.

Although I haven't seen the film yet, I really hope to soon.

And I agree that it's so important for each of us to be aware of the hunger around us and give to that need.

Personally, I have seen adequate food really change the lives of the kids, one of which whom I support monthly, that Firefall International supports in Burma. When I visited the house of kids with my mom, it was amazing to hear how their meals of enough rice and vegetables (along with taking vitamins that we bring to them) make them grow faster and stronger than any other kids in the neighborhood.

Having a full stomach helps them concentrate on their studies, sleep well, play sports and live a better life overall.

And it's clear that hunger is not just a problem in other countries.

As a part of the Food Bloggers Against Hunger, bloggers are encouraged to shop for or make a meal that is $4 or under, which is the average daily amount Americans get on food stamps.


Although I've never been on this tight of a budget, I remember when I first got married and was out of work and living on one income. And it was tough and stressful to figure out how to make meals special and exciting on a small weekly grocery budget.

I feel like I learned a lot from that time.

One of the very budget-friendly meals that I love is bean and rice bowls. You can get one at Chipotle for about $7 or you can make one at home for under $4 for many servings.

Just buy a bag of rice (around $1), a bag of dried beans or a can of beans (around $1) and some salsa (around $2). Soak and cook the beans, if dried, cook the rice and top it all with salsa (and cheese, if you have it). And the great thing is that the beans and rice will stretch far beyond one meal.

Learn more about meal planning, which helps me budget, here.

I encourage you, as I challenge myself, to find ways to help feed others and contribute to the needs around us, whatever they may be.

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