Friday, April 26, 2013

Quick Curry Dinner

Before I went to Burma, I really underestimated the power of veggies and rice.

They're flavorful, fresh and absolutely amazing for any meal. (And even more amazing when you get to eat them with one of the little Burmese metal spoons pictured above.)

Seriously, they're so stinking good.

Recently, I found some special artisan curry sauces for sale on Fab. (Have you heard of Fab? If not, check it out.)

Fab has a great Foodie section with all kinds of amazing treats, such as this Curry Love set of organic Thai curries.

These curry sauces are wonderful because they have all of the Thai spices, coconut milk and thickness that you want in your perfect curry. And all you have to do is saute some veggies, throw in the curry sauce then put it all on top of steaming rice. (Feel free to cook meat like chicken or shrimp before you start the veggies then add it on at the end, for a non-vegetarian meal.)

Get excited- it's curry night!

P.S. A little birdie (or an email communication) told me that Curry Love is sold as Fresh Markets. And you can usually find curry sauces like this one at your local grocery store.

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