Saturday, August 4, 2012

A Cup of Kindness

There's been a lot of hate swirling around our world this week.

I can usually avoid a lot of this but this week it has been taking over our speech, actions and a lot of what we are saying on the Internet.

This week made me appreciate this food blog as a place where I can write and share things that enrich my life and, I hope, the lives of people around me. I love that food blogs don't cover current events and don't have to be based on a political stance.

Overall, food blog writing is a very neutral, peaceful thing for me.

After reading and hearing of so much anger this week, I've come to a few conclusions.

-It's not always about being right or wrong.

-Anger breeds anger. An enemy mindset will manifest an enemy mindset.

-Kindness covers all.

Kindness diffuses tension, kindness calms and kindness opens the door for opportunities, relationships and encouragement.

We could all do with a lot more kindness (I'm talking to myself here, too). Who couldn't use an extra kind word, a kind deed or a kind plate of warm, freshly baked chocolate chip cookies?

I have recently been blessed by how an attitude of kindness (also sharing fruit, baked goods and recipes) has allowed me to make a friendship with someone whose culture and beliefs are very different from mine.

It's amazing how far hospitality and giving can go and how what you're selling with your attitude comes back to you (whether that's good or bad.)

If you want to change something, start with kindness. It will always reach farther than hate.

And as I said before, baked goods never hurt.

P.S. Thanks to Joy the Baker for showing that it's okay to have real talk on a food blog.

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