Saturday, September 28, 2013

Simple Saturday: Black Bean Sweet Potato

Do you ever have an idea that's just brilliant? (I know that you do.)

And you think, "Wow, I've got to share this because it's so great and exciting and people are going to love it!"

And then you purposely avoid googling it because you want it to stay your original idea for as long as possible.

I feel that way with my food ideas and recipes a lot. But the good thing is food is all about sharing. Food and recipes are not to be invented then kept to one's self. They are to be put into as many welcoming tummies and on as many plates as possible.

And I absolutely love that when I have kale in my fridge and white beans in my pantry that I can find a fabulous recipe that combines the two.

We are a community of cooks and eaters, and I love sharing things with all of you.

So, even if I wasn't the only one who thought of mixing Greek yogurt with Biscoff cookie spread (I'm still pretty excited about it) or putting black beans mixed with some cheese into a baked sweet potato, it's cool.

We're all great thinkers and idea makers and that should be shared and celebrated.

Here's how you make this delicious Black Bean Sweet Potato:
1. After washing and poking a few times with a knife, microwave for 3-4 minutes (or bake for about an hour in a 400 degree oven) a medium sweet potato (one per person).
2. When the potato has 30 seconds or so left in the microwave, stick in a bowl of canned black beans and some shredded cheese (and salsa, if you like) and microwave until they are warm and the potato is done.
3. Cut open the potato, scoop in your black bean mixture and enjoy!

On the note of community, I would love for you all to check out bloglovin'.

This site has absolutely changed the way I follow blogs because it lets me enter all of the blogs that I follow and organizes them with text and photos as they update in an easy to use and view way. No more trying to remember which blog you discovered last week because it keeps up with all of them. And when you "like" a post by clicking the heart icon, it saves it for you.

It's genius!

If you are a blog reader, I would highly recommend trying it out and make sure to add Fruitful to your list! And they even have an app (pictured above)!

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