Thursday, September 5, 2013

Fire Roasting and Making Salsa

I saw some smoke rising from the stove top, when the stove top wasn't even on and I began to worry.

Especially as the smoke starting coming in larger, continuous streams.

And I cracked open the oven to see what was going on and was met with toxic, black smoke and deep orange, rising flames.
My life and the life of my apartment flashed before my eyes.

Although I usually don't do well with unexpected flames (I'm the girl who catches her s'mores marshmallow on fire then starts laughing and can't blow it out), I knew to turn the oven off.

And pray that our DIY salsa was just fire roasted enough and not too blackened.

And that's exactly what happened. This oven-roasted salsa was a perfect mix of char, spice and fresh flavors and cilantro.

Just a word to the wise, if you're oven has a low or high choice on the broil setting, go for low, unless you want to see what it's like using every fan in your kitchen to prevent the smoke alarm from going off.

But seriously, this is the first salsa that I've made and, other than the flame scare, it turned out great and was perfect for chip and dip night, which we eat for meals more than I would like to admit.

Here's to homemade salsa...and renter's insurance!

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