Friday, March 1, 2013

The Hive Bar Review

There's a new bar and restaurant in town that I have been anticipating for months!

Ever since I heard that the snazzy and few-of-a-kind 21c Museum Hotel was coming to Bentonville, I was hoping that it would bring with it a great restaurant and bar...and it did!

And I got even more excited when I learned that the executive chef at The Hive previously worked at Ashley's, the fabulous restaurant at the Capitol Hotel in Little Rock. The bar at The Capitol happens to be one of my family's favorite places for a great lunch or snack of pimento cheese and homemade crackers.

Jason and I tried the bar at The Hive out recently and loved it! The Hive does a great job of mixing class with southern comfort, leaving you feeling like you're in a bigger city than you really are all the while leaving your palette delighted with warm tastes of home.

First of all, they know hot make a delicious and creative cocktail, like my "Windsor" with Absolut Ruby Red, St. Germaine (elderflower liqueur) and grapefruit juice.

What a perfect, refreshing drink.

We started with a delicious cheese plate, that was accompanied by some pickled beets and perfect candied pecans. And the cheese choices were on key: Cabot cheddar, brie and camembert.

Then, we split the Hive burger, which after a few bites earned the title as one of my favorite burgers ever.

The meat was so tender, the bun buttery, the tomato jam tasted like the ketchup on the top of a meatloaf that caramelizes in the oven (but better) and the pimento cheese on top of all that was just what this special burger needed.

The burger went well with herb fries and pickled veggies, including pickled butternut squash, which I rather enjoyed.

The only negative about the bar was that it was fairly awkward eating there. They don't have real tables and it is a bit cramped.

But overall, the feel is very artistic and creative and I'm looking forward to getting the entire restaurant experience soon.

The Hive bar is a fabulous place for drinks/snacks after work and the burger...let's just say that you won't regret ordering it.

P.S. If you go, expect a fun treat to arrive with your check (pictured above).

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