Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Shrimp Season

I'm not really sure if seafood has a season.

But I do know that I am a fan of it...and it reminds me of a handful of beloved family summer trips spent in Gulf Shores, Alabama.

I actually don't know a ton about cooking seafood, so I'm hoping to get some good experience in the coming summer months.

Recently, Fresh Market had a sale on shrimp, so I planned a day of breakfasting and hiking with my husband in Bentonville so we would have an excuse to grab some shrimp.

My husband is a huge seafood lover, so I knew that he would be excited about the prospect of cooking some.

Here he is, learning how to peel and devein our shrimp.

I have had this recipe for garlicky baked shrimp from Real Simple in my "need to try" recipe list for quite awhile.

This was a great shrimp novice recipe because it was so easy, only required a few ingredients (butter, garlic, panko, dill, white wine) and let the fresh taste of the seafood shine out with just a hint of herbs and garlic to enhance it.

These shrimp will absolutely make you feel like you are on the beach enjoying some fresh caught, simply prepared fare.

Whether you get a spring break this week or not, you can still transport you, your friends or your family to a nostalgic, relaxing place.

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