Saturday, October 6, 2012

Simple Saturday: Avocado Toast

Life is about to get a lot busier for me.

I'll be a regular old 9-5 employee starting next week, which I'm thrilled about.

When you spend most of your time in a one bedroom apartment every day, you get a little stir crazy and in need of social interactions.

I'm so excited about this new chapter of life.

But this week I have been relishing my last bit of freedom. I've taken many mid-morning walks on the gorgeous lake trail near our apartment. I've made bowls of popcorn for a snack. And I've been maxing out my Netflix watching time.

Because I'm stepping into a new, busier season of life, I know I won't be able to cook (and mainly bake) quite as incessantly as I have been.

So, here's a new series you'll be seeing on the Fruitful blog: Simple Saturdays.

Look out for Saturday posts that don't even require a recipe card.

I'm talking about no-brainer meal and snack ideas that are also simply delicious.

This week I'm featuring avocado toast.

Basically, it's amazing and has quickly become one of my favorite lunches.

Here's what you do: Slice an avocado, mash it with some olive oil, salt and pepper (you can even do this inside the avocado skin and save a bowl) and spread it like butter over toasted bread.


Enjoy your Simple Saturday!

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  1. Yum, that looks so awesome, and I never would have thought of that!