Thursday, September 27, 2012

Party with this Pita

I'm totally a chips and dip kind of girl.

I bet you love chips and dip, too.

The mix of textures and burst of flavors are exhilarating.

And chips and dip kind of bring people together. What would a Super Bowl party be without cheese dip and tortilla chips? (Confession: I have a special weakness for that unnaturally yellow cheese dip in the jar.)

So, with this recipe for amazingly simple but tasty pita chips, I dare you to throw a party.

Even if it's just the chips and dip and yourself.

Just celebrate because life's too short.

And have more fun partying by whipping up these baked chips in a flash before the shindig.

Just cut some whole wheat pita, toss the pieces in butter, olive oil, garlic and salt and put them into the oven to get that golden crisp and crunch.

And if you want to really rock out these pita chips, combine them with my mom's White Bean Hummus, which you can have ready in under 5 minutes. Or my Easy Hummus would be a fantastic accoutrement to this hearty chip.


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  1. "Just celebrate because life's too short."

    man. this is one of your most thought provoking blog posts yet. inevitable...


    i'm going to go for a walk...