Thursday, September 13, 2012

Dinner Out: 28 Springs

I think I mentioned before that I am a fan of eating out and trying new restaurants.

Experiencing a new atmosphere and a different chef's take on foods is thrilling. Not to mention the excitement I get from looking at the menu days (or weeks) before dining to check out all of the options.

There is a restaurant that recently opened in Siloam Springs, our small-town neighbor, the hometown of my alma mater and the hometown of my in-laws.

I was so excited when I learned that the chef/owner of James at the Mill here in Fayetteville was opening a more accessible, casual restaurant called 28 Springs in Siloam. (Find out more about my dining experience at James at the Mill in my Valentine's post.)

We invited the in-laws to join us at 28 Springs for a Saturday night out!

I was very impressed by the restaurant.

Although there are a still some kinks with the new restaurant (you can tell the staff and chefs are still getting used to the pace and place), they put out some really creative, tasty food at a great price.

I started the meal off with a glass of the Brancott Estate Savignon Blanc, one of my favorite wines from one of my favorite places: New Zealand. It was crisp and delicious and only $6.50 for the glass!

Then, my husband and I ordered the parmesan herb fries as a starter, which were very tasty. I would prefer them a bit crispier and actually a bit less rosemary, but overall I liked them.

For my entree, I ordered the Thai Noodle Seared Steak Salad appetizer, which was only $8 and full of interesting ingredients and flavors. It combined noodles, steak with a perfect dry-rub crisp on the outside, avocados, mango, spinach, tomatoes, noodles and peanuts.

We splurged and got dessert and chose their Angel Food Cake.

This light delight had zing from lime zest and was crusted in pistachios. I loved it. Great textures and fun flavors.

Oh and the bread basket with dinner was so good: breadsticks, rolls and wheat bread, oh my!

Overall, I am so happy that 28 Springs is budding in Siloam and I hope the locals can keep supporting their culinary inventiveness.

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