Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Apple a Day

First of all, welcome to my new blog: Fruitful.

I am a foodie, or at least I would like to think I'm one. I love to cook, bake, read food blogs, eat out, find new recipes and enjoy exploring food with the people I love.

I hope to use this blog to share fun recipes and what's going on in my kitchen, as well as cover hot food spots in Northwest Arkansas and how you can make others lives fruitful by featuring charities and ministries that fill others' plates.

As an eater and cook, I'm all about using what's in season. I usually find out what is in season by checking out what's being sold at my farmer's market (http://www.fayettevillefarmersmarket.org/).

We have a great one with lots of fun vegetables, herbs, flowers and fruit right in the Fayetteville square, which is about 4 minutes from my apartment. Yes, I am blessed!

Since last week, I have been enjoying these little green lovelies: apples!
They are so crisp, sweet and delicious. I love to keep them just to eat at work every day.

Last night I decided to use a few of these amazing apples in individual apple crisps for my fiance and I to finish our dinner off with. They turned out wonderful and were so easy.

I just cut up the apples into small slices, mixed them with some lemon juice, flour and sugar. Then, I put them in these super cute Le Creuset mini cocottes (http://www.surlatable.com/product/PRO-688721/Le-Creuset-Cassis-Petite-Stoneware-Cocotte) that I bought on sale a few months ago.
Then, I mixed together crushed graham crackers, walnuts and oats with brown sugar, cinnamon and all spice and piled it on top of the apples.

After putting a few dabs of butter on top, I put them into the oven for 35 minutes at 375. When they started to bubble and were soft, I took them out. We ate them with vanilla ice cream. What a success!

I hope you have a fruitful week!

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