Saturday, December 7, 2013

Simple Saturday: Holiday Shake

Around our house, it's not only the season of joy, giving and celebrating Jesus' birth, but also a time to consume egg nog and peppermint ice cream.

My husband already bought our first jug of egg nog last weekend and we've been slowly sampling it since. And I made it clear that we had to buy some peppermint ice cream to get in the holiday mood.

Do you ever feel like you're taking the gallon challenge when you drink egg nog? It's so rich that I really can only drink a shot glass amount at a time, but I love the eggy, spiced taste.

I was reading through Bon Apetit the other day and saw a little holiday question and answer that they did with Eric Stonestreet of Modern Family. He's from Kansas and talked about some Midwestern holiday traditions.

One thing that he said he loved was making a milkshake out of egg nog, peppermint ice cream and rum.

I was amazed at this simple idea and knew I had to make some, stat.

Well, I did (minus the rum) and it was such a rich, delicious and refreshing treat. Now, don't get me wrong, this is absolutely a treat that I will only be consuming a few times a year. But I really love how the two ingredients make something so flavorful and reminiscent of the season.

To make it, you simply combine some peppermint ice cream with a few splashes of egg nog and blend until you've reached your desired consistency (more ice cream to thicken, more egg nog to thin).

Let's start a new tradition with the Ming Nog Shake!

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