Monday, December 2, 2013

Fruitful Travels: Escape to Mexico

After almost a year of planning, a few weeks ago my family (including my husband, parents, two sisters and their husbands) took a week-long vacation to Manzanillo, Mexico. It's a beach town on the Pacific coast.

We found a gorgeous house (complete with maid, chef, house manager and two pools) at and it was absolutely amazing being there!

We had a fabulous view of the ocean and mountains and the tropical weather was just right for swimming and margarita drinking. We spent most of our time swimming, reading, laying out, going to the beach, playing games together and the guys even went deep sea fishing and we ate the mahi mahi that they caught!

The relaxing time with all of us together (since we all live in different states) was so special.

And the food that our cook, Martita, made us was so authentic and so delicious!

Here's a little look into what we would have for our meals.


Fresh Fruit (papaya, strawberries, cantaloupe, watermelon, kiwi, pineapple) and Yogurt
Huevos Rancheros
Huevos Mexicanos
Chilaquiles (pictured above)


Mahi Mahi Ceviche with Tostadas
Tortas and Chips
Mahi Mahi with Toasted Garlic and Parsley (pictured above) and Rice
Fresh Salads with Sprouts and Fruit
Fish Tacos


Pozole (Pork and hominy soup pictured above)
Green or Red Rice
Tacos with Grilled Meats and Vegetables
Chicken Enchiladas in a Green Sauce
Shrimp Three Ways (In adobo sauce, sweet mango sauce and spicy mango sauce)
Carne en Su Jugo (Steak and bean soup)
Stuffed Peppers with Cream Sauce and Pomegranates


Flan (picture above)
Coffee Flan
Tres Leches Cake
Carlotta (Frozen icebox pie-like lime dessert)
Mango Sherbet


Various Fruit Waters: Jamaica (Hibiscus), Tamarind, Pineapple and Kiwi
Strawberry and Lime Margaritas
Fresh Orange Juice

And Martita gave us a few cooking lessons, so I'm looking forward to sharing some of her recipes with you in the future!

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