Friday, February 8, 2013

Donut Dates and Weekend Treats

It's the weekend, well amost!

And when I was a kid that meant something really special.

It meant that it was almost Saturday morning, the morning that (if it was my turn) was my donut date with my dad.

Many Saturdays of my sisters and my childhood were filled with rotating donut dates, one Saturday per month for each of us.

When it was my day, I would sleep in a little, but not too much, wake up excited, pull on some weekend comfy clothes, hop in the truck with my dad and set off to the sweet-smelling confection haven of the donut shop.

And I didn't even care that I hadn't showered yet.

Then, when we got to the shop I would get to pick from all of the powdered sugar and glaze-topped flavors (creme filled, maple glazed, cake or sour cream) my favorites for that day. I probably spent way too much time deciding such things, but those were important decisions.

Then, I would get to spend a solid hour or so just sitting with dad, talking, eating my carefully-selected fried treats and enjoying some one-on-one time. In a house of 5 people, 4 of them being females, this was sometimes hard to come by, especially since I was more of a quiet one growing up.

But at the donut shop table, I could talk about anything and not worry about anything else in the world.

I cherish these memories of donut dates and I hope that my husband will revive this tradition when we have little ones.

Although this banana donut recipe with peanut butter frosting is not your typical donut (and it's baked), it's an exciting, grown-up version of an always warm, sweet bite of comfort. And it's something to share with your loved ones. And you never know, it could even make a few memories for you.


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