Friday, January 20, 2012

Eating through the Big Apple

Well, I did it.

I finally visited New York City.
My best friend Allison and I flew up to the city to visit some other dear friends for a few days. It was fun to experience the city and especially fun to eat all of the delicious food. It's kind of great that in New York, you can get any type of food at pretty much anytime.

Here were some of my favorite food adventures in the city.

First of all, I love a good bagel...and I love how so much of the food we ate in NYC were carbs! Lenny's bagels was just down the street from my friend's apartment and so tasty.

I enjoyed a crispy, creamy toasted everything bagel with veggie cream cheese. It was fantastic!

We also had the pleasure of visiting a really cute tea shop called Alice's Tea Cup. They had hundreds of types of unique tea and lots of tasty sweets. We shared a pot of Alice's Earl Grey tea (which contained lovely notes of rose bud) and I had a warm, blackberry lemon scone. It was a very cute shop with a great British feel about it.

One of my favorite meals of the trip was at Grimaldi's Pizza. It is under the Brooklyn Bridge and I had heard that it was one of the best pizza spots in the city. I was not disappointed. After a blisteringly cold and windy walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, it was great to get to the grand, antique building that housed the restaurant. I sipped an Olde Brooklyn Root Beer and we shared an amazingly crispy yet soft, cheesy pizza with mozzarella, basil, tomato sauce, mushrooms and pepperoni. It was one of my favorite pizzas I have ever eaten. New York pizza is so the best!

A very sweet treat on the trip was a visit to Magnolia Bakery. I have wanted to go to this famous bakery ever since I saw SNL's Lazy Sunday skit.

We found the bakery on Bleeker Street (such a cute area of the city) and grabbed a chocolate and a hummingbird cupcake. They were deliciously sweet and the shop was adorable. I was happy to mark this off of my bucket list.

Overall, the trip was a great time of adventure, fun and delicious food with friends.

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