Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Seasonal Scones

I'm in full-swing Christmas mode. I have been listening to Christmas music every day, my few but glittery Christmas decorations are up at my apartment, and, yes, my fiance and I have already scoured the nearby neighborhoods for the best lit houses. I love this season and honoring its significance in our lives.

And as long as we don't have any snow storms like last year where I'm stuck inside, I should stay cheery for the remainder of the month. And I'm so excited that I get a few days off for Christmas this year where I can join my family to celebrate.

My family gives the best gifts for Christmas. We keep pretty much everything a surprise and put a lot of time and thought into our presents. And yes, we still label our presents as being from "Santa."

Last year, my mom gave me a wonderful cookbook: Simply Scones. It's packed full of classic recipes for making wonderful English scones. This was an especially thoughtful gift after I spent a semester studying in Oxford, England. I loved tasting lots of scones and cream tea there. Nothing chills you to the bone like those English winds and nothing warms you back up like a cuppa tea and a fresh scone.

Here's a picture of some of the goodies I enjoyed while having tea at The Orangery in Kensington Gardens in London.

I tweaked a recipe from my Simply Scones book to make something to share with my women's Bible study class. Here's my seasonal mini scone recipe. It's sure to warm you up and fix your sweet tooth. And the ingredients can be changed for any season or taste!

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